Slow Labs Co. has created a highly transparent tempered glass protective cover called the Peek Screen. A screen protector from scratches and by-standers that may be peek-ing at your iPhone. A lot of people keep their eyes entertained by looking down on their phone. How do you prevent hungry eyes from prying in your personal or business life? The answer is Peek Screen.

Peek Screen

Whether it’s flipping though social media, reading messages or browsing the web – nearly everyone does it. If someone isn’t looking down at their own phone it’s possible they are looking over your shoulder. It’s hard to get privacy in this world where sensitive information seems to be an easy capture for criminals. Imagine a screen protector that only allows visibility to others when you want it to. A screen protector that is polarized and is dipped in special solutions to ensure your phone’s safety and your protection.

Although there are multiple protection screens out there, how many of them are actually effective? Screens can be made either from glass or plastic. They vary so vastly and can be: either too thick, too flimsy, too difficult to see through at all, they interfere with iPhone design or they are difficult to apply.  Not the new Peek Screen designed by Slow Lab Co.

The polarized Peek Screen is extremely touch responsive as well as scratch resistant. The polarized film is a simple privacy layer – keep your phone vertical for privacy and flip it sideways if you want to share with your friends. Private messages, pictures and browsing will now stay safe from unauthorized eyes. Is it really that simple? Yes, yes it is. Don’t let your friends see private messages with loved ones, don’t let strangers see your e-mails or bills, it’s none of their business. Apply the Peek Screen and keep your phone vertical for privacy!

The Peek Screen is extremely efficient testing at 87% clarity; such a high percentage makes it very difficult to view the screen if you aren’t facing it head-on. Unlike other screen protectors, it’s still clear for you to see your content while keeping others out. Most other screen protectors are tinted in order to keep the wandering eyes away from your content. The Peek Screen is made with tempered glass as well as a clear adhesive so it’s crystal clear for you and anyone you share with.

Peek Screen

Slow Labs Co. built the screen protector from 9H Hard tempered glass which is scratch resistant and doesn’t crack under pressure. A bonus: the glass is eco-friendly so you have a smaller carbon footprint compared to average screen protector users. The Peek Screen eco-friendly glass is dipped into a solution made of potassium nitrate which is then heated to 810°F to ensure durability and ultra responsiveness. There is no lagging with this screen protector when you are in the middle of texting or browsing.

The iPhone screen protector measures at 0.3 mm in width which  does not interrupt the design of your phone. It’s hardly there! You’ll most likely forget you even put it on there until you drop your phone! Want added protection? That works! The Peek Screen created by Slow Labs Co. is so sleek, you can still use your iPhone case with no worry of it not fitting. When using an iPhone case you are protecting the body of the phone – added screen protection and you no longer have to worry about paying for a replacement! This screen protector is so durable you’ll be glad you have it when you accidentally drop your phone (everyone does that, right?).

There are quite a few layers incorporated in the Peek Screen. The layers included are: Ultra Clear, 9H Hard, Scratch Resistant, Polarized Glass, Touch Responsive, Oleophobic Coating, Slim Thickness and Shatter-proof Glass. The layer I haven’t covered yet is the oleophobic layer – oleophobic refers to the physical property of a molecule that is repelled from oil.

Peek Screen

This special top layer of the phone not only prevents oily finger smudges but it also stops water smudges as wells as provides additional scratching protection. Other screen protectors don’t normally have the oleophobic layer which makes water and oil an easy visibility blocker. In reference to plastic screen protectors, this special layer has added scratch protection. Plastic screen protectors can easily be manipulated with coins, needles and keys which translates as a shorter life span. Air bubbles will allow dirt, oil and water to seep through the protector and cause damage to the phone.

The main reason air bubbles are common among other screen “protectors” is because the application is extremely difficult. This causes a recipe for disaster as mentioned above because of the exposure it may endure. The Peek Screen is extremely easy to apply and is made of an advanced Japanese-made adhesive. It’s called Nippa OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive), it’s what causes the screen to still be crystal clear after it’s applied.

The Nippa OCA uses gravity to set it in place. Gravity! You still need to line it up with your screen correctly but there’s no special way to apply it. Let gravity just sink it in! No more struggling to apply your screen protector and no more air bubbles. Air bubbles in screen protectors are never good and you will have clear screen will stay clear as long as the Peek Screen remains on your device.

What better way to protect your special iPhone than with the Peek Screen. This screen protector was designed specifically for iPhone’s as well as your privacy in mind! Any office documents, private message, photos, billing and banking information can now be secure more than ever with the simple addition of the Peek Screen created by Slow Lab Co.

Don’t forget the simple way to keep invading eyes out of your personal life: keep your phone vertical! If you want to share your screen, simply turn it sideways. Ride public transit or eat with a large group of people and don’t stress about your privacy anymore. Slow Lab Co. has you covered with their Peek Screen.

Peek Screen

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