In LastMan, Jeremie Perin creator of  has created an advanced animations series for adults only. Incidentally, LastMan is the only animation series of its kind in France.

Perin has been labeled a “viral animation genius”, “insane”, “amazingly sick”, and “twisted” by his fans. His last offering was a music video created for DYE’s “Fantasy”. The video centers around a group of four teenagers who have broken into a public pool facility. They romp around until one of them gives birth to a sexually deviant monster. It’s dark and gritty and frightening and funny, much like his newest project, LastMan.

Last Man

LastMan chronicles the misadventures of Richard Aldana, a down on his luck drifter who has recently begun sleeping in his friend Dave’s boxing studio. Dave, however, is suddenly murdered by a mob-related group called the Lion’s Order, and Dave is forced to go on a quest to figure out why. Through the course of his search, he discovers that Dave had a secret daughter with special powers whom Dave was trying to hide from Lion’s Order. Now it’s Dave’s job to do the same. He is the LastMan for the job.

Last Man

LastMan is similar to Trucker’s Delight, the popular animated music video in which a trucker goes on a stylized sex crazed rampage as he tries to hunt down a beautiful (and game) woman. LastMan mixes these adult themes with those of the fantasy genre to create a highly entertaining, beautifully drawn 26 episode series.

LastMan contains some exquisitely drawn animated fighting and Perin’s facility with movement is stunning. This work, of course, takes time and concentrated effort.

Jeremie has already completed 12 episodes of the series, and the stories and drawings have been finished and validated for the series as a whole. The animatics and background music have been secured. Now there is just one more step.

Last Man

Jeremie’s deadline for LastMan is quickly approaching, and the loss of a key investor has slowed the process tremendously. To give the world Last Man, Jeremie needs your help. With it, he will to wrap this animated masterpiece and make it available to the wider adult population.

He estimates that, in order to finish LastMan, he will need to raise 25,000 Euros. Help Jeremie to finish his martial arts animation so that we can all watch it for many years to come. Help him to complete Last Man: the greatest animation series in France.