Author: Taimoor Iftikhar

New Study Shows The Effects Of Sugar On A Child’s Health

Many individuals develop diseases and illnesses because of their diets. In fact, there’s a lot of hidden dangers in food that we may not even think about. One of these dangers is something that most households have in their pantry; sugar. A new study has shown the drastic effects of sugar can have on our bodies. It was found that removing sugar completely for less than two weeks can greatly improve an individual’s health. Here’s more information about this remarkable study. The Participants And Method A total of 43 obese children were involved in this study. The children ranged...

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How To Drink More Water

We all know that getting an adequate amount of water each day is important for our health & fitness. However, it can be difficult to get the amount of water in that we need. Here are some ways that you can get in more water every day. Flavor It Up Drinking glass after glass of water can just get rather boring. Your palette may need a little extra something to actually want to drink that glass of water. You can change things up a bit by adding a little bit of flavor to your water. Throw in some fresh...

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How Did You Start Working In The Entertainment Industry

One of the most coveted industries out there is the entertainment industry. Working in the entertainment industry can come with a lot of benefits. You can meet new people, have exciting opportunities and make a decent amount of money. However, many often ask those already working in this field, how did you start working in the entertainment industry? There’s a lot of competition out there and without the right know how it can be difficult to get any job in the entertainment industry. Here are some tips to help you break into this business. Get Good At What You...

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Cool Gadgets To Beat The Heat

You don’t have to deal with the sweltering summer causing you to be hot or making it difficult to keep your drinks cool. No matter where you are, you can easily beat the heat. These cool gadgets might be just what you need to survive the summer. Cool Gadgets Aren’t Just About Keeping Cool But Keep Your Food Cool Too Even appliances can work harder in the summer. This LG Smart InstaView refrigerator will allow you to not only keep your food at a cool temperature but will allow you to see it too without ever opening the door. There...

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The Best Premium Smartphones of 2017

The world of technology is ever-changing and evolving into the next greatest thing.  This is never more apparent than when it comes to smartphones. Smartphones have changed the way business is conducted, friendships are maintained, put entertainment in the palm of your hand, and made photo albums virtually obsolete.  It’s also the one piece of technology that is in constant change in an effort to make it better. Here are some of the top picks for 2017 so far. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Android has quickly become the most favored of operating systems, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is...

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